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5 Star AC Repair for Atwater and Merced

Choosing an HVAC contractor for your air conditioner repair is a daunting task. 

At Cosmic Comfort, we understand the stress being without cooling in the summer heat brings. 

Our AC repair process brings peace of mind to homeowners living in our hometown of Atwater, California, and the surrounding areas in Merced County.

Keep your home cool with our Air Conditioner Repair Services

You won't find a harder working appliance than your home's air conditioner. You need its cooling for your sanity in the blazing heat of a Central California summer. If your AC is giving you fits, call Cosmic Comfort to get you up and running in no time! From leaks to weird noises, our AC Experts can fix it all and help you make informed choices about the maintenance you need and how a repair compares to a new AC unit.

We fix all kinds of AC issues including:

  • Thermostat Repairs
  • Compressor Issues
  • Blower Motor Repairs
  • Capacitor Replacement
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Bad AC Smells
  • AC Noises
  • Inconsistent Temperatures

Common AC symptoms indicating your system needs a repair

Not blowing cold air- If you feel air blowing but it's just not cold when you turn your AC on it's definitely time to diagnose and fix the problem. It could be anything from a faulty thermostat to low refrigerant causing a problem like this.

Unit does not turn on- You don't need Sherlock for this one. If you turn your AC on and nothing happens you better get it checked out. There are a ton of little things this could be like a bad thermostat, tripped breaker, or blown fuse so don't fear the worst just because your air conditioner doesn't turn on right away!

AC makes a bad noise- This is one of those "You'll know it when you hear it" symptoms. It could just be something loose or it might be a motor giving out. Either way a Cosmic Comfort tech can diagnose it for you.

AC not keeping up with the heat- Usually you'll feel this in your house and on your electric bill. If your AC runs all day long and your house is still hot its time to check it out. Merced County is hot but not so hot you can't be comfortable!

Our Promise to You 

  • Honest Pricing- Our prices are upfront and transparent. You will be presented with options before any repairs are made. We promise there will never be hidden fees.
  • Open Communication- Summer schedules are hectic. We respect your schedule and keep you updated on your appointment so your time isn’t wasted waiting on a repairman.
  • Professional Service- Your home is a place of safety. Our experts are respectful and considerate of your home, perform high-quality work, and clean up after themselves. 

Repair schedules are unpredictable. Our approach is different.

Wondering what to expect before scheduling your repair appointment? Already dreading a day waiting for a technician to arrive? 

We’ve got you! Here is our process for making sure you receive timely, high-quality repairs.

Response times for requests:

During regular hours if you send in a message, schedule online, or we miss your call, we will contact you in a few minutes.

After hours we will contact you the next morning, or at the time you tell us you are available.

Appointment times:

Except for 8 am appointments, we do not use time slots or broad appointment windows. We find out from you what your day looks like and take notes on when you aren’t available and how much notice you need before we arrive. 

After that you are free to go about your day as usual, knowing you won’t miss your appointment!

At your home:

Our air conditioning expert will perform a thorough evaluation of your system to develop a repair plan. Note that he will need access to your attic and all rooms with air vents to properly diagnose your issue.

Once the problem is found, the expert will explain what he found and present you with repair options. Choose the one that fits your needs best and we will get to work right away, making your home comfortable again!

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