Electrical Panel Upgrades

Can your California home’s electrical panel maintenance handle the growing power demand modern appliances and devices need? The type of electrical panel you have in your home has a significant impact on your electrical system’s efficiency, especially if you’re still using a 100-amp panel. If your panel struggles to meet your family’s needs, it might be time for an electrical panel maintenance.

We offer homeowners electrical panel upgrade services that can boost their home’s power and keep all their appliances, equipment, and devices operating as they should.

Signs You Need Electrical Panel Maintenance

If you have an older home and meet one or more of the following criteria, you might need to upgrade your electrical panel:

  • You invested in new major appliances like a refrigerator, hot tub, or HVAC system that require a 240V circuit.
  • You added on a new room or floor.
  • You use a lot of electrical devices at once or have a sophisticated home entertainment system.

Upgrading a 100-amp panel to 200 amps can prevent recurring power surges and could even lower your homeowners insurance due to the increased safety factor.

What Size Electrical Panel Do You Need?

Modern standard circuit breaker panels have a 200-amp capacity. That means they have more circuits, a significant advantage in modern homes. Keep in mind a larger panel doesn’t use more electricity, it just lets you add enough circuits and electrical capacity so your home’s electricity needs can be met today and in the future. Cramming too many electrical-dependent devices onto a small number of circuits increases the chances of overloading them.

Signs your electrical panel may need an upgrade include:

  • Crackling sounds from the panel
  • Frequent circuit breaker “trips”
  • It still uses fuses.
  • Rust and corrosion on circuit breakers.
  • Appliances not running at full power.

A sure sign you probably should electrical panel maintenance is if you use a lot of extension cords and power strips throughout your house.

Why should you choose us for your electrical panel upgrade?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible. We strive everyday to leave customers satisfied and bring them into a long term relationship with us. Our team is committed to change the traditional "Chuck and a truck" methods of service, and providing you a electrical service you will never forget. When it comes time to do an electrical panel upgrade, we will be here to install it in a efficient, cost-effective manner.

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